Smoking is a dangerous problem for the teenagers?

Smoking is a bad habit to the all people. Today the numbers of smokers are increased day by day. Smoking is a one of the most dangerous habit for the teenagers. The chemical likes the nicotine, carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals are containing to the cigarette. The habit smoking is very dangerous to the human health. The smoking deduces the lung and heart functions of the human being. It also more effected to the blood circulation so occurring the most dangerous health issues very easily. The addictive drug nicotine is more containing to the cigarette. Many reports shows most of the persons are started smoking before the age of 18. The college students are the main user of the drug and cigarette. The regular use of the cigarette causes cancer of the throat, tongue and other parts of the human body; it is a bad and most dangerous habit for the students. The parents and the teachers are the main advisors for the students. The parents are taking more care on the teenage of the child and give good instructions to the students. There are many reasons are occur by the addiction of the cigarette and drugs. The main reason the friendship, the bad friendships can increases the risk of health problem. Most of the teenagers are using the drugs and other alcoholic things by with her friends; this will automatically lead the other students by using the alcohol and cigarette. The teenage is a critical stage for the all peoples, it is a more dangerous stage because nobody can think the bad effect or occurring problems for what you can do. All are taking decisions very easy and they are not talking with others. They are taking all decisions immediately. This causes very dangerous problems for the all life.

To giving the good instructions and motivated students are the roles of the parents. The all parents are tried to give the god instructions and good advisement to the child. All parents are make time for talking with her child. We know some of the parents are also the addiction of the cigarette. First of all the parents are avoid the use of cigarette. Then give instructions to the child, otherwise the students are not obey the roles of the parents. The parents are the role model of most of the students. The teenaged students are like more freedom and money, entertainment, etc. So the parent will make a control with her child. That is, don't give more pocket money with the child. Most of the teenage students are addicted to the cigarette. The tips for avoiding the bad habit smoking are; the parents are avoiding the smoking habit, the parents are also giving the detailed description about the smoking problems and effects. The teachers are also giving the classes about the smoking problems. The students are using the cigarette at the school and college. The schools managements are take strict rules for against the smoking and also give punishment with the smoking students. And also conduct the health programs to the school. The parents and others are tried to motivate the smoking student, for example to talk with the expense of cigarette and calculate the monthly smoking cost. The smoking is more danger for the teenagers, because the students are not getting the concentration for the study, they are unhappy and feel more stress, etc. The smoking is more danger to the body, continues smoking is make a patient.

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